Lesbians Divorce TQ++

Lesbians A.R.E OUT!

Birthed By: Aja

We’re leaving you – It’s over it’s done

We’ve had enough of the lies you’ve spun

The party has ended you pushed us too far

You came and took all the things that was ours

Our spaces, our history, now even the kids

You say we owe you this for all the things that you did

Like gettin us our rights some long ago night

When police and the gays had a civil rights fight

A brick was thrown…but by who?

Nobody knows…and certainly not you.

It wasn’t by Marsha coz he said so himself

Go watch the video, and educate yourself

If it’s a hero you wanna make from that night

Look no further than the brown butch dyke

It was Stormé who’s words inspired

As she was carried away by the police that day.

“Isn’t anyone going to do anything?”

Is what they heard her say. Words still true today.

As we are pushed out of spaces we helped build and create

Told we aren’t welcome because we’re so full of hate.

Our rallies are protested, dating apps over run

Even Stonewall says we don’t belong

A genital fetish is what they say we have,

Coz we refuse to mess with the genitals of a man.

“Just try it once – you might like it!” they say

We’ve heard this all before, same shit, new day.

“It’s just trauma that makes you not fancy them”.

“Na mate Its coz we’re lesbian.

We like our own kind, real she/hers, not a man in disguise

Our goals aren’t the same; our wants don’t align

LGB’s about attraction TQ+ is all in your mind

We are not the same tribe

We want to be treated like everyone else

You want to be treated like someone else

We got forced teamed with you, and I’m not sure why

I guess we were feeling kind, when you jumped on our back for a free ride

Well it’s not been free for us

We’ve been struggling and working our arse off

Tryin to get acceptance, which we just about had

Then you woke up and started acting mad

With your wild claims and your attempt to bulldoze anyone that stands in your way

Demanding everyone deny the truth, and capitulate to you

You say our fights the same, well, it’s absolutely not

I don’t need pronouns, or a binder, or medications

I don’t need to cut bits off, or sew bits on

And I don’t compel speech

I just need to accept me for me,

A woman who loves women

And hope society does the same, which it almost did

But you want facts to change

You want bears to not shit in the woods

You want water to not be wet

It’s you yourself that you can’t accept

We are not in the same boat

So see and cope or don’t

Just know we are leaving you and there’s nothing you can do

Lesbians are divorcing the TQ