Aja The Empress

Aja The Empress

I’m a proud member of the Lesbian Strength collective because I’m deeply committed to fostering safe spaces for lesbians who resist gender ideology (GI). My aim is to bridge generational divides and serve as a visible advocate for lesbians standing firm against GI.

My journey into activism began in 2018 when I discovered that lesbians who didn’t conform to the notion of the ‘female penis’ were excluded from Pride events. Since then, I’ve been actively involved in initiatives such as the Lesbian Strength Rally, Let women speak events, the Lesbian not Criminal Tour, and the Save Our Pound campaign, and various others.

Additionally, I’ve taken part in protests targeting organizations like The Labour Party, The Lancet, New Zealand Sports, and the London Bridge Flag protest. My dedication to amplifying the voices of lesbians and resisting GI remains steadfast.”

Twitter/X: @Aja02537920

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