Lesbian Strength 2022

Martina speaks to Lesbian Strength 2022:

Lesbian strength statement (14/09/2022):

The above is harassment of lesbians on the basis of sexuality. If a group like Westborough Baptist Church was openly organising like this and protesting against lesbians the authorities would see this for what is, lesbophobia. We are being targeted because we are women and because we are exclusively same sex attracted. They have framed our sexuality as transphobia which begs the question, does this mean transgender ideology is inherently homophobic? Recently lesbians who carried signs saying ‘lesbians don’t like penises’ were removed from a Pride March in Wales, and told that such statements erased the existence of trans people. It therefore seems ironic that when a group of lesbians try to form their own communities they are threatened and harassed in this manner. Trans activists targeted our first Lesbian Strength March in 2019, following us through the streets of Leeds, accusing us of hate whilst demanding we include men in our lesbianism. The political climate has heated up considerably since then with violence erupting at Speakers Corner events in the UK and the USA. But they couldn’t stop us meeting then and they won’t stop us meeting now. A lesbian gathering is joyful and powerful and something a man can never understand.

Saturday September 17th 2022, 2pm

Here are the speakers at our Lesbian Strength March and Rally introduced by the one and only Aja, who will also be performing some of her “in yer face” poetry.

Come and hear about what is going on for young lesbians on and off social media, and how the fightback and resistance to Lesbian Erasure is growing daily. Hear about our Lesbian sisters oversees, the situation in Canada, Ukraine and the Kakuma refugee camp. Closer to home what’s going on in Scotland and Northern Ireland?  And find out where we are making more and more Lesbian spaces and events.

Jo Campbell

Caroline B. aka Impolite Lesbian

Hannah Berrelli

Paula Boulton

Shereen Benjamin

Shay Woulahan

Sierra Weir aka Exulansic

Poetry from Tess Joseph and Jess Kathryn

Music by Hectic Egg, Rosie Roar, Paula Boulton

Lesbian Marching Song:

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