Lesbian Strength 2019

Our first Lesbian Strength March took place on Saturday 7th September 2019 in Leeds.

Approximately 150 lesbians took part in the march through Leeds city centre to celebrate sisterhood and lesbian community, travelling from all over the country to attend. 

There were lots of beautiful banners, plenty of noise and lesbian solidarity! The march was led by our Scottish sisters carrying banners celebrating Magdalen Berns. Magdalen’s video’s continue to inspire many lesbians to resist lesbian erasure and so the march was dedicated to her.   

The march ended at Millennium Square where we held a women-only rally, with speeches, music and singing. The videos of all the speeches and music are available on our YouTube channel. 

Afterwards there was a women only party, which buzzed with energy and reminded us all why we need to reclaim the women and lesbian only spaces that have been lost.   

We are incredibly grateful to everyone that contributed to our Crowdfunder and made Lesbian Strength possible.