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The Lesbian Strength Collective:

Lesbian Strength was formed by a group of lesbian feminists in 2019. Lesbians have long been marginalised within the ‘LGBT community’ but there has been increasing hostility towards lesbians, lesbian identity and the fundamental idea that lesbians are women who are exclusively same-sex attracted. 

We believe that separate organising is the only way to build a strong, supportive community for lesbians.

Our aims as a group are: 

  • To oppose lesbian erasure
  • To amplify the voices of lesbians 
  • To build community amongst lesbians 

We organised our first event in Leeds in 2019. Lesbian Strength marches were held in the UK, the first in 1981 and then throughout the 1980s. They were women-only events and it was important to us to build on this herstory and restart this tradition. Leeds is a city with a proud feminist tradition, the first Reclaim the Night march was held in Leeds in 1977 and it is strongly associated with Revolutionary Feminism.

Meet members of our collective and find out more about the lesbians involved in irganising the Lesbian Strength March & Rally in Leeds, West Yorkshire every year!

Meet the Collective:

Aja The Empress

Aja The Empress

Aja is a Poet and women’s rights activist who’s work highlights the damage done by Gender ideology (GI)

Twitter/X: @Aja02537920

Jo Campbell

Jo Campbell

A life long gender non-conforming lesbian trouble maker who managed to make it to 55 and who likes being visible

Twitter/X: @JoCampbell69

Paula Boulton

Paula Boulton

Musician and playwright using the arts as much as possible to fight for Lesbian autonomy. Believer in working together

Twitter/X: @LesbianLabour @LesbianFB

Jo Campbell

Literally Di

Literally Di is a women’s rights activist and campaigner who loves some activism and campaigning whenever she can

Twitter/X: @Di_AHF

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