Lesbian Strength 2020

Unfortunately, in 2020 the coronavirus pandemic prevented us from holding a march, so instead we created a virtual event to mark Lesbian Strength 2020 on 5th September 2020. 

We organised a livestream from Millennium Square in Leeds and put together a video of lesbians talking about what ‘lesbian strength’ meant to them, alongside music, poetry and art. 

The videos of both are available on our YouTube channel.

Lesbian Strength 2019 - Older Lesbians


Lesbian Strength 2020 - Virtual March

Lesbian Strength 2020 – Virtual March

COVID-19 forced us to cancel this years event but to mark the occasion we put together a video to celebrate lesbian community.

Lesbian Strength 2020 - Livestream (Best Quality)

Lesbian Strength 2020 – Livestream (Best Quality)

This is an amended recording of our lesbian strength rally 2020, uploaded with improved quality for our lovely lesbian followers.

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