Lesbian Marching Song Video 15 02 23

A rousing compilation of footage from the suffragette marches mixed with Lesbian Strength March 2019. Still marching after all these years. Song, lyrics and music by Paula Boulton who collaborated with Tonje Gjevjon on the video and backing track. The song ends with a snippet of “March of the Women” which was composed by Lesbian composer Dame Ethel Smythe who famously conducted it through the bars of her cell in Holloway jail , with a toothbrush as the women marched past.

Premiered on the Lesbian not Criminal tour in 2023.


We are women loving women and that makes us

Lesbian Lesbian, Lesbian, Lesbian

We are strong and we’re determined and we know how to have fun

Lesbian, Lesbian, Lesbian

The double-headed axe is the symbol of our power

We shall wield it night and day to keep us safe at any hour

Sapphic sisters one and all, hear our cry and heed the call

For united we must stand or divided we will fall

Lesbian is the name that we’ve used for many years

It cannot be redefined it’s our blood and sweat and tears

There are many, many women who would like to join our throng

Make the break come out as Lesbian then you can sing our song

(Repeat verse 1)

Paula Boulton

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